Abattoir UK

The Abattoir UK industry is back on the increase after facing an uncertain decade. In this guide, we will explore why this is the case, and how high the standard of abattoirs is in the United Kingdom when compared to other abattoirs around the world.

Increasing Need to Eat British Meats

Due to recent global scares surrounding the safety of meat, plenty of people have decided that eating British meat is the best way to 'stay safe'. This is mostly due to the increasing standards that need to be met by all abattoirs based in the United Kingdom. Since the outbreak of mad cow, the government has ensured that production standards are as strict as they have ever been. This has led too many of us only buying meat that has been sourced in the United Kingdom, therefore, leaving increased business for abattoirs in the United Kingdom over recent years.

High Standard

Due to the recent global health scares surrounding animals, the standards for abattoirs based in the United Kingdom has increased beyond belief. Abattoirs in the United Kingdom now have to follow the strictest of regulations to ensure there is not an outbreak of any more problems. This means that British sourced meat is ranked among the finest in the world, which has led to more people buying the meat.

More Abattoir Companies in the UK

Currently, more meat is being produced in the United Kingdom on a yearly basis because there have been more self employed businesspeople that have decided to set up. There are literally thousands of abattoir companies in the United Kingdom and this number has risen over the last few years, and looks continue to rise over the next decade.

Increased 'Stress Free' Slaughtering

Due to the debate surrounding Halal meat and the way it is produced there have been a few (all be it minor) changes to how animals are slaughtered in the United Kingdom. These changes have led to more people deciding that this method is safer, therefore, deciding that British meat is in fact the best way to eat meat.

Cloning not a Problem

In late 2010 reports found that eating cloned British meat was in fact just as safe as eating 'regular' meat. In fact, the findings also said that they believed cloned meat should not be sold at a knockdown price, and should not even be labelled that it was cloned meat. Currently, this decision has not yet been finalised but it seems that the production of meat in UK abattoirs will probably rise over the next few years as this news spreads and more companies decide to produce more meat.

Around the UK, the general opinion remains that in terms of slaughtering animals the standards are currently one of the highest around the world, and this has convinced many people that eating foreign sourced meats might not be the right option; therefore, this is why the abattoir industry in the UK is at an all time high.